OCTOBER 22 - 2022

Magasin 9, Stockholm
Frihamnsgatan 66, 115 56 Stockholm
  • Doors open at 8 am (08.00)
  • Competiton starts at 9 am (09.00) 
  • Competiton ends around 7 pm (19.00) 

Athlete registration
OCTOBER 21 - 2022 > 2 PM - 5 PM (14.00-17.00)

Magasin 9, Stockholm
Frihamnsgatan 66, 115 56 Stockholm
  • Classic Bodybuilding     2.00 pm (14.00)
  • Classic Physique            2.00 pm (14.00)
  • Bodybuilding                   2.00 pm (14.00)
  • Body Fitness                    3.00 pm (15.00)
  • Mens Physique                3.00 pm (15.00)
  • Wellness Fitness             3.45 pm (15.45)
  • Bikini Fitness                   3.45 pm (15.45)
Don't be late to your registration. If you miss your registration time you will not be able to complete the registration for the competition. Athletes for Classic Bodybuilding, Classic Physique and Bodybuilding who miss there weight limit will get another try on the weight scale after 30 minutes. If you fail your weight for Classic Bodybuilding or Classic Physique you will be able to sign up for Bodybuilding if you want without any extra charge. sign up
Backstage access

Access to the backstage areas shall be strictly limited. Only competing athletes, delegates, press, staff or trainers with the corresponding Backstage Pass will be allowed to enter this zone. These passes will be on sale on Friday, October 21 at the Official Athlete Registration. One backstage pass: 500 SEK / 50€.


No press/photographers will be allowed to do they're own work at Stockholm Classic. Athletes will have access to or own press photographers.
Of course there is allowed to make content from the audience but if you are a working press photographer you are not allowed to make work at our event. Large system cameras are prohibited.

OCTOBER 22 - 2022

Magasin 9, Stockholm
Frihamnsgatan 66, 115 56 Stockholm
Competition starts at 9 am (09.00)
  • Mens Physique junior 
  • Mens Physique senior
  • Bikini Fitness junior 
  • Bikini Fitness senior
  • Body Fitness senior
  • Body Fitness master
  • Wellness Fitness senior
  • Classic Bodybuilding senior
  • Classic Physique senior
  • Bodybuilding junior
  • Bodybuilding senior
All classes will do the prejudging before the finals for all classes begin. The running order for all classes will be official 2-3 weeks before the show. For the exactly running order please check the information after the registrations October 21 and follow that. 

Prize money $

Bodybuilding: 10.000 SEK
Mens Physique: 8.000 SEK
Bikini Fitness: 8.000 SEK
Classic Physique: 6.000 SEK
Wellness Fitness: 6.000 SEK
Classic Bodybuilding: 4.000 SEK
Body Fitness: 4.000 SEK
Best poser (BB, CP, CBB): 4.000 SEK

Hotel Scandic Ariadne

All athletes can book a room at Scandic Ariadne and earn 10-15 % discount.


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